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4D激凸細帶男丁字褲 (窄底Y丁)

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上架: 2020-08-04


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20u3018-Y6 英文品名: 4D bulge string thong (narrow bottom Y-back)



20u3018-Y6 4D激凸細帶男丁字褲 (窄底Y丁)


  • 極低腰4D激凸囊袋8mm細帶丁字內褲 (Y丁),可晃動、搭配C環更顯凸 (本商品並不含屌環)
  • 8mm細帶Y丁幾乎是G弦褲但仍是丁字褲、比一般G弦褲更加舒適性感
  • 超窄開口、囊袋集中前推設計,蛋蛋必須另外推入囊袋
  • 本款Y丁乃為了享受囊袋完全包覆而特別設計
  • 超柔薄雲彩織面料
  • 自2022年4月起,我們會稍微調整LOGO旗標在更合適及舒適的位置,因此,實際位置將以實際商品為準,在此,特別感謝買家們的熱情回饋!From April 2022, we will slightly adjust the LOGO label to a more suitable/comfortable position. Therefore, the actual position will be subject to the actual product. Here, we would like to thank the buyers for their enthusiastic feedback!


RiseUltra Low參考 
StyleY thong
DesignBulge pouch參考 
Sides8mm ± 1mm

本款式採特定材質及顏色,如需更換材質 (或顏色),請您務必選取 其他材質/顏色 (如有提供),並在訂單結算時備註「材質-顏色」代碼於 [訂單備註] 欄內,如未提供「其他材質/顏色」選項者,請勿備註換料。

💡 8mm細帶內褲款式可使用面料有限,可參考 貨號 u30 開頭的細帶內褲(例如: 17u30** ... 22u30**)所使用的面料,或先向客服詢問。

💡 內褲款式僅可使用內褲專用面料,如改製成泳褲則尺碼將會以內褲為準,需酌加基本工本費350元(色線配色、變更後片或拉縐加工等等需另酌加其他費用),比基尼泳褲一律使用iSwim Fashion所訂製的國際A+等級耐熱高回縮率橡膠帶(非常適合日曬使用)。8mm細帶內褲款式一律不提供使用泳褲面料(因為版型並無法直接用於泳褲)。

iSwim的設計概念以細邊及細帶性感低腰但更舒適為主,自2017年起,內褲/泳褲的前袋容量在不同尺寸是幾乎相同的,僅有腰圍和高度會不同(部份特定款式的前片高度並不會增加,L碼的內褲前片高度將會和M碼相同),因為並不是臀部比較大、性器官就應該比較大!如果您曾經穿過同款式或感覺容量可能不夠(尤其是西方人),請在結帳頁面備註「囊袋 + 1cm * 2」於訂單的備註欄,我們會為您將囊袋的深度增加1cm(整體容量也會跟著稍微加大)。


This product is made in selected fabric and colors. If you want to change the fabric (or color), Please be sure to choose other fabric/color (if available in the options), and fill the "FABRIC-COLOR" code in the [Order Remarks] field of the order, If other fabric/color option is not provided, or only other color of the same fabric, please do not remark to change fabric.

💡 8mm strings can only be used with selected fabrics, it is recommended that you inquire with customer service before placing an order. For 8mm string, also can reference what fabrics used in string underwear whose product number starts with u30 (ex: 17u30** ... 21u30**).

💡 Underwear styles uses underwear fabrics normally. If you wanna change to a swim bikini, will need to extra 350 TWD for the basic cost (Color deco lines, change style or wrinkle processing, etc. are subject to additional charges), and size will be based on underwear. The swimming bikinis will use the international A+ grade heat-resistant high-retraction rubber bands that customized by iSwim Fashion (very suitable for sun tanning). 8mm string underwear styles are not available to uses swimwear fabrics (because the cutting is not suitable for swimming bikini).

The design concept of iSwim is based on sexy low rise but more comfortable. Since 2017, the pouch volume of underwear/swimwear is almost the same in different sizes, only the waist and height will be different (The height of the front, some special designs will not increase, and the front height of the L size underwear is the same as the M size), because it is not a big buttocks it must have a bigger penis! If you have worn it or feel that the volume may not be enough (especially westerners), please indicate "pouch + 1cm * 2" in the [Order Remarks] field of order during checkout, and we will increase the depth of the pouch by 1 cm (The overall capacity will also be slightly expanded).

To speed up production, the overall production process has been adjusted since October 2018, Special requirements such as "no logo" and "no washing tag" will no longer be provided, If there is a note in the Order Remarks field of the order, we will only provide the "no washing tag" requirement without other notice.

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問題 / 評論

N**君:2022-04-24 17:57:54

Excuse me, I'd like to consult if it is possible to make it using SWM-GLS, which is the fabric for the swimsuit "22u4012-Y1"? They are both 8mm Y strings and have the similar appearance.

客服2022-04-24 19:23:31

1. we have note in the Description as below: 8mm string underwear styles are not available to uses swimwear fabrics (because the cutting is not suitable for swimming bikini).
2. 22u4012 is made with BNB (bikini mesh) x WET (wetlook underwear fabric).


g****7:2022-03-10 19:04:04

I want to use it for tanning on the beach, is it possible to make it using NWH, which is the fabric for the swimsuit "22u4012-Y1"?

客服2022-03-10 19:17:43

Hi, it is possible to using BNB-NWH to make to swimsuit, because BNB-NWH is a bikini mesh but thinner than BNX-WHT. please select [other fabric/color] if need to make uses other swimwear fabric, and all underwear style to make to swimwear will need extra cost 350TWD at least depending on the design. please do not pay it after submit your order, we will update the order, then to make payment when you received the order-confirmation mail.

匿名會員:2021-09-13 22:47:13


客服2021-09-14 22:14:25

因為V丁腰帶有長2吋, 剪裁也不同, 它比Y丁多30元, 因此請用3018-A6下單, 再備註改V1或V2 (V1比V2高2cm), 3Q

Rate 5 stars2021-07-04 10:47:44
o****n (驗證購買)

Can I make 20u3018-Y6 with 21u3009b-Y1 color "CRO" in bulge size-1cm?

客服2021-07-04 16:31:22

Thanks for supporting! CTM-CRO (CTA-CRO is same) is available for u3018 and u3009, and remark pouch-1cm*2 in Order Remarks field if wanna reduce the depth depth of the bulge. Thanks

Kuk***:2021-06-08 14:07:22

Is it possible to reduce pouch depth by 1cm?

客服2021-06-08 14:08:41

can, remark "pouch -1cm*2" in the REMARKS filed during checkout, thanks


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