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Semi-Custom Made

Men's underwear can also be more sexy and comfortable

Revisiting comfort that underwear should have

  • iSwim does not use factory-quantified patterning, but uses curvilinear tailoring to revisit what cozy should be have in underwear, trying to show the design concept and characteristics of each underwear and swimwear. Different sizes will only have height and waist changes. Therefore, the width of the waistband does not vary depending on the size. For example: swimwear sides width is about 1.5cm, the size of S~XXL will all about 1.5cm. When the material thickness is different, the width will only vary by about 0.1cm.
  • In addition to the predetermined color, you can also choose other fabric, color or rear side you like for the underwear and swimwear developed and designed by iSwim Fashion, to make semi-customized products. You can also have the best-fitting underwear and swimwear. More diverse choices may also be the most unique one.
  • Undies and swimsuits with thin sides adopt a manufacturing method different from that of commercially available products to improve the overall fit. Therefore, when the material (or color, stretchy) is different, the flat width of waist will vary slightly.
  • Because the materials have many colors, the stretch of different materials (or colors) will be slightly different. Therefore, when different material (or color) is used for the same style, the tightness will be different. If you like to wear a little tighter, you can choose a fabric(or color) with less stretchy. If you like a little more comfort, you can choose a more stretchy fabric or a larger size.
  • If you have any questions about the sizing, you are welcome to leave a message directly on the product page (height / weight / low waist / tightness habit... ).
  • For members who have ordered for the first time, if they have not inquired about the size (except for the maximum size of underwear XL and swimwear XXL), please leave a mobile phone in the recipient's information, we can help you to make size recommendations by SMS ( This service is limited to Taiwan mobile phone number), you can also fill in the "order remarks" at the checkout.


  • Semi-customized orders will only be produced after confirming your order. Therefore, return and exchange will not be available. But every undewear or swimwear you buy is the "freshest products".
  • iSwim provides a warranty for defects in new products: non-human factors of the line, seam damage within 3 days of receipt (not include: NG products, underwear that is easy to hook or consumable), we guarantee free replacement!


  • The swimwear uses imported A+ grade rubber bands, which have excellent sunfastness, durability and good shrinkage rate (usually, the consumable elastic belts that slowly shrink after stretching). It is very suitable for beach wear or sun bath. Therefore, the new swimwear will be slightly tighter when first wear on. After wearing, the rubber band will also have better stretchy due to body temperature, It will fit more better after 3 to 5 times of wearing and washing. Shared by fans: Wash normally after use (please reference: Washing Care), even the yarn detach or becomes loose, but the rubber band may still be strong.
  • The underwear uses iSwim exclusive elastic bands. It will not be less stretchy after being boiled in hot water at 100°C for 10 minutes. It is recommended that you wash the new underwear before wearing it. After washing, it will be more stretchy.
  • Before ordering the exclusive elastic band for iSwim, in December 2010, the first-generation of red label underwear was defective because the elastic band was too soft. We have notified customers in early February 2012 and provided free replacement until the end of June 2012 . Because we give the best to our customers, this is our most persistent thing since our establishment.