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Anonymous:2024-04-10 21:32:25

Hello. I am looking for an extreme low front with low or super low Brazilian or half back swim suit. Preferably with front pouch. What do you recommend?

C.S.2024-04-11 01:21:28


Please review this Bikinis category of swimwear. https://iswim.com.tw/category.php?id=14&lang=en

The Brazilian or half back, you can choose A1 or H1 back (A2 or H2 will lower than A1/H1 about a inch). if that design has no A2 or H2, also can change the back piece from A1 to A2, H2 also. our F1 B1 H1 A1 T1 backs are all the same price, and can be interchanged, but F5/F6 B5/B6 H5/H6 A5/A6 with a wrinkle will need extra charge 80TWD for swimwear.


Anonymous:2024-02-19 23:05:19

Hello! What is the difference between models 20u3023 and 19u3021?

C.S.2024-02-19 23:30:55

u3021 has a more narrow opening, and u3023 bulge more larger than u3021, thanks

Anonymous:2024-01-31 09:41:40

I like your 15u434 design—never seen anything like it before. Do you have a fabric option that is skin-tone so it would be almost invisible (wearer seem to be nude) when worn?

C.S.2024-02-01 01:49:35

BNB-NUD fabric, please see the u5012 page for fabric/color reference.

Anonymous:2024-01-15 06:40:27

Looking at your unisex wonderful extreme design sex panties (21u 4069-A7and 21u 4058). They are so little and HOT. What is the front rise on the 4069 panties and what is the front rise on the 4058 panties? Is there a difference in the front panel size between the two panties? I think they will look so cute cradling the nuts sack to rest on or resting just below the clitty giving it more exposure. Very hot sex designed panties to display in the shop fitting room while being fitted or at the medical exam during genitalia exam. Thank You for your help in these matters of panty fitment.

C.S.2024-01-16 04:37:23

1. u4058 height is 8.5cm, it has been described in the description of its page.
2. u4069 height is 11.5cm

Kuk***:2023-12-08 19:15:02

How can I search for all wrinkle back designs? Like H5 or H6…

C.S.2023-12-09 04:50:37

can but seems we have not been posted H5 and H6, most are B5 and A5.
H1 or H2 back also can change to H5 or H6, the extra cost is 60TWD, please note in the order, and do not make the payment after submit, we will update it later, and please pay after received the [Order Confirmation] mail, thanks


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