When you become a user of iSwim Fashion Shop (hereinafter referred to as iSwim), you have read and clearly understood the "Disclaimer" and agreed that iSwim is not required when the following circumstances occur. Bear any responsibility

Information content

iSwim does not warrant the correctness of the information you receive from using the Service, and iSwim reserves the right to modify or delete it at any time.

iSwim may cooperate with other third parties (such as websites, vendors or companies) to provide information content in the Service. Based on respect for intellectual property rights, iSwim does not provide information content. Review or re-edit, and assume no responsibility for the correctness of such information.

The information provided by this service is for reference only. You should judge the correctness of the information content. You must evaluate the reference value before using it.

You may be connected to other websites other than iSwim through this service. These websites have no relationship with iSwim, iSwim is not responsible for the content of such websites, and iSwim is not responsible for the loss or any consequences caused by such links.

The website of any other operator may be linked to any webpage of the Service, including but not limited to: the information page provided by the Service or the personal data or other information pages published by the User, iSwim is not obligated to The user's request to take steps to remove such links, iSwim is not responsible for any loss or consequence resulting from your connection.

The Company is unable to make any compensation for iSwim data in the event of non-intrusion by our company's operators, hacking, or data outflows caused by viruses, Trojans or other related reasons by network operators and users' computers. Assist consumers to seek compensation from data obtainers through legal channels.

iSwim does not assume any warranty for the use of the Service or any files or materials downloaded through other websites linked to the Service. You should determine the correctness, security and legality of the file or information before downloading. In order to avoid damage to the computer system or any other loss, iSwim is not responsible for any loss or consequence caused by you.


You understand and agree that iSwim does not provide any express or implied warranties for the Service. The items not covered by iSwim include but are not limited to the following:

  • This service meets your needs
  • Any product you purchase or acquire through the Service meets your expectations
  • This service is safe, reliable, uninterrupted, accurate and reliable, and data is not stolen by people (such as computer hackers) or data is not lost

Intellectual property rights

All website content, programs, software or technologies used in the Service, their intellectual property rights or legal rights are owned by iSwim or other rights holders, and are prohibited from infringement, citation, imitation, and heavy weight without the written consent of iSwim. The system or use, if there is a breach of legal liability, still need to compensate iSwim for all the losses caused by it.

The copyright and intellectual property rights of all materials uploaded by the User to the Service are still owned by the legal owner of the material.

Because the Service is a medium for public service, the User must ensure that all information uploaded to the Service does not infringe on the intellectual property rights or other legal rights of others, and that the User must obtain the consent of the Data Rights Obligor in advance to authorize iSwim to use After the information, the user is able to upload the information to the service and enable iSwim to store, post it on the website or in a manner deemed appropriate by iSwim (eg to convert to a different version or format to match the different soft Hardware devices, including but not limited to mobile phone handsets, are publicly broadcast, distributed, distributed, or read, browsed, inquired, or read offline by a specific or unspecified person without infringing the intellectual property rights and other legal rights of any legal owner.

In addition to being transferred or sublicensed with all or part of the Service, iSwim will not transfer or sublicense the User Uploaded Materials to a third party. In the event that iSwim uses User-uploaded material in the manner described above and infringes the legal rights of any right holder, the User shall bear all legal liabilities and compensate iSwim for all losses resulting therefrom.

This English disclaimer is a translation of Chinese version. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between the Chinese and English versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.