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7x6mm jeweled cock ring 45mm

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Sales time: 2012-08-25

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12cr015-45 Product name in Chinese: 鑲鑽7x6mm醫療鋼細版屌環 45mm

Product Detail Information


12cr015-45 7x6mm jeweled cock ring 45mm


  • 7x6mm jeweled cock ring 45mm


StyleCock Ring
MaterialSurgical 316L Stainless Steel
RemarkThe number of the sex toys sale is one. The photos contains different sizes for reference only. Please measure the size and place an order on the appropriate size page. Adult sex products belong to personal and intimate products. no replacement of size or style is accepted. ★The current inventory is free of laser iSwim logo since 2012, all adult products are clearance, and will not be re-produced.


Ring Sizing

屌環常用的兩種戴法(未勃起前):1.將陰囊逐一套入,再將陰莖套入。2.將陰莖先套入,再將陰囊逐一套入。Cock Rings公雞環陰莖環可讓男性持久延遲射精鎖精,也是現今型男性感時尚配件




德國標準醫療級316L不鏽鋼(316L Surgical Stainless Steel, 316L Fine Steel, 316L鋼)是在空氣中或化學腐蝕介質中能抵抗腐蝕的一種高級合金鋼材,表面亮麗和良好的耐腐蝕能力,不必經過電鍍等處理,就能發揮其所固有的表面性能。醫療級316L不鏽鋼成份含有抗腐蝕的特殊結構,主要用於醫療器材、人工關節等等,也是國際精品手錶及珠寶愛用的高級鋼材!醫療鋼耐酸鹼(不怕溫泉)、不變形、不褪色、不氧化生銹、不易磨損,由裡至外單一醫療鋼材、材質純淨,佩帶時不會對人體肌膚產生不良影響。



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