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Smooth pouch swim briefs (wrinkle)

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Brand:iSwim Fashion


Sales time: 2014-05-16

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14s190 Product name in Chinese: 托提前襠三角泳褲 (臀線加強版)

Product Detail Information


14s190 Smooth pouch swim briefs (wrinkle)


  • Smooth pouch swim briefs (wrinkle)
  • 如有提供多種布料選擇,請參考下方: FabricIf fabric optionable, please refer the following: Fabric
  • 泳褲均無綁繩
    Swim trunks have no ties
    Can not be added liner if there is no lining option
    Most of bulge swimwear no longer provide the cover stitch for the pouch
  • iSwim泳褲自2017年起的新改良款(編號開頭的年份如 17s, 18s ... 22s)剪裁和舊款版型並不相容,舊款也幾乎都是較為獨立的款式。因此,請勿在舊款泳褲備註要搭配新款後片(如 B1 H1 Y1...等後片)iSwim Swimwear since 2017, the new improved models (years starting with numbers such as 17s, 18s ... 22s) are not compatible with the old models. The old models are almost all independent styles. Therefore, please do not remark for the old model to match with the new back styles (such as B1 H1 Y1 ...etc.)
  • 自2022年4月起,我們會稍微調整LOGO旗標在更合適及舒適的位置,因此,實際位置將以實際商品為準,在此,特別感謝買家們的熱情回饋!From April 2022, we will slightly adjust the LOGO label to a more suitable/comfortable position. Therefore, the actual position will be subject to the actual product. Here, we would like to thank the buyers for their enthusiastic feedback!


RiseSuper Lowref 
StyleFull back (swim)
Sides4.0cm ± 1mm


To speed up production, the overall production process has been adjusted since October 2018, Special requirements such as "no logo" and "no washing tag" will no longer be provided, If there is a note in the Order Remarks field of the order, we will only provide the "no washing tag" requirement without other notice.

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💡 If the code in the color table does not appear in the option, it means stock out, not applicable, or supply is stopped.

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