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resin chastity cock cage (v3-nub)

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Sales time: 2020-08-31

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cb013-nub Product name in Chinese: 樹脂貞操鎖 (v3-nub 超微) 推薦款

Product Detail Information


cb013-nub resin chastity cock cage (v3-nub)


  • HT V3 resin chastity lock, classic version, tube diameter about 33mm
  • Each set of goods includes cage x1, ring x4, copper lock x1, key x2
  • Exclusive gift sandpaper for polishing (1000#) x1, elastic O-ring x2
  • The cock ring and cage have parting lines and few burrs, please polish them yourself (please refer to the remarks below, V3 will need more polishing time than V4)
  • The purpose of O-ring (please refer to the picture):1- Strengthen the fit between the ring and the cage to avoid the erection of the bird cage and the deformation of the ring opening2- Sleeping can use the O-ring alone (the brass lock is not required), so that the morning erection has a little forward support space3- Does not contain any metal components, can pass metal detection inspection (for example: airport customs)※ The angle of the HTv3 retaining ring will be more suitable for the use of O-ring than HTv4
  • This product is made of natural resin. If the ring is slightly deformed, it can be restored by soaking in hot water for about one minute and can be adjusted slightly
  • Due to the different legal restrictions on imported goods in various countries, this product will not be shipped to countries outside of Asia, please understanding
  • This item in sale price, polish services will not be available


StyleChastity Device
Material天然樹脂 Natural resin
Description使用前請酒精清潔並適當潤滑,使用後請清洗、拭乾後乾燥保存。 Please clean with alcohol and properly lubricate before use. After use, please clean and dry and store in a dry place.
RemarkV3及V4卡環多少都會有毛刺及分模線,鳥籠開口處會有一些毛邊,可以用1000#水砂紙自行打磨,一個鳥籠及一個卡環一般大約2小時內可以完成比較仔細的打磨,提醒您:打磨後的卡環並不會有原始的光澤度,但是配戴會更舒適,更適合長時間使用。簡單毛邊打磨則大約1小時內可完成。  如有需要可加購本站提供的打磨服務(附贈鳥籠的毛邊處理),卡環部份位置會另外用專用工具稍微做拋光處理(會比較平滑略有光澤,但亮度不會和原始一樣),一組僅限其中一個卡環。以上,請您理解後再另作加購。  成人用品銷售的數量均為1,照片中可能包含不同尺寸或樣式,僅供參考。請實際測量尺寸並在適當的尺寸頁面下單。成人用品屬於個人和私密用品,恕不接受任何尺寸或樣式的換貨。  V3 and V4 rings will have burrs and parting lines. There will be some burrs at the opening of the birdcage. You can polish it yourself with 1000# water sandpaper. Generally, a cage and a ring can be polished carefully in about 2 hours. To remind you: the polished ring will not have the original gloss, but it will be more comfortable to wear and more suitable for long-term use. Simple burr polishing can be completed in about 1 hour.  If necessary, you can purchase the polishing service (with the burr treatment of the cage). The position of the ring will be slightly polished with special tools (it will be smoother, but the brightness will not be the same as the original). One set is limited to One of the rings. Above, please understand it before making additional purchases.  The number of the sex toys sale is one. The photos contains different sizes for reference only. Please measure the size and place an order on the appropriate size page. Adult sex products belong to personal and intimate products. no replacement of size or style is accepted.


Ring Sizing

屌環常用的兩種戴法(未勃起前):1.將陰囊逐一套入,再將陰莖套入。2.將陰莖先套入,再將陰囊逐一套入。Cock Rings公雞環陰莖環可讓男性持久延遲射精鎖精,也是現今型男性感時尚配件



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